Welcome to Big Ten Geeks

Hi there.

Welcome to Big Ten Geeks, a college basketball blog focused on the best conference between Iowa and Pennsylvania. The motivation behind this blog is largely that, up until 2007, we were accustomed to reading insightful analysis focused on Big Ten hoops over at Big Ten Wonk. Then one day, Big Ten Wonk John Gasaway partnered with Ken Pomeroy to bring you Basketball Prospectus, in what we can only assume is Phase 2 in a plot for world domination. Frankly, we miss reading about the Big Ten, and we think others might as well. Despite the fact that neither of us is a professional writer, we're going to try our hands at picking up where John left off.

In the coming days, you can expect to see team previews, lots of numbers, and occasionally insightful analysis. We hope you enjoy it.