Purdue 18-19 Preview

Is it getting boring? I don't mean the basketball, Purdue's teams have been solid and enjoyable, and hardly a cookie-cutter affair. Some years the offense runs through a big like Caleb Swanigan or AJ Hammons, or it's more of an ensemble act like 2015, or it's a guard like Carsen »

Penn State 18-19 Preview

We could have had such a damned good time. Every few years, I get a little bit over my skis and start making wild predictions about Penn State basketball. I'll look down the road a couple of recruiting classes in the future. I'll irrationally project a roster immune from injury, »

Ohio State 18-19 Preview

How do you know you have a good coach? There are a lot of ways to win. There are coaches that win by recruiting all of the talent (Calipari). There are coaches that win with defense (Self, Bennett), there are coaches that win with offense (Wright, Beilein). There are coaches »

Northwestern 18-19 Preview

Well that didn't go as planned. Fresh off the school's first-ever NCAA Tournament berth, and Tournament win, the Wildcats brought back virtually everyone. The only real loss of note was Sanjay Lumpkin, a defensive specialist that was very much an offensive bystander. If he was the difference between 24-12 and »

Nebraska 18-19 Preview

If I'm Tim Miles, I'm answering every call from my agent. This started in the summer of 2016, when then-athletic director Shawn Eichorst opted not to extend Miles' deal for at least another season, which would have kept the balance at an industry-standard five years. The reason that's industry standard »