Iowa 19-20 Season Preview

Some people feel old when they realize that the baby on the cover of Nevermind is pushing 30, or that the Class of 2023 arrived on campuses this fall, or coming across a classic rock station and hearing Green Day playing—like, stuff from before they sucked. For me, it's »

Indiana 19-20 Season Preview

Well huh. KenPom Preseason RankingI have to admit, when a team loses its best two players and doesn't return a ton of freshmen minutes, I don't immediately think a 20-rank jump is in order. Sometimes it happens because of some stark underperformance that presumably will regress back toward the mean, »

Illinois 19-20 Season Preview

There's two takeaways from this preview. First, I'm going to talk about the Illini offense, about how Brad Underwood has stuck with a triangle offense that's basically an NBA punchline today, and has tailored it for the college game. I'll point out that his, well, unconventional approach to recruiting (e. »

I don't want no SUBs

There's a lot of talk about Grady Eifert. There's even a school in Indiana that's turned the forward into something of an idea: Cadets have adopted the Grady Idealism. We want our players to play like Grady Eifert. We have a daily award. Our players get hyped and yell, “Grady” »

The Opposite of a Box and One

This past Saturday, Illinois pulled off a pretty surprising upset by upending Maryland at Madison Square Garden. The Illini came into the game at 1-7 in conference play, while the Terrapins were darkhorse contenders for the title at 7-2. Nonetheless, Brad Underwood's team won by double figures, in his best »