Nebraska 19-20 Preview

One of the benefits of procrastination is the ability to get more information before having to turn in your work. That was much-needed in previewing this year's Nebraska team, a group so unrecognizable that it would fit in nicely with the "who are these guys? montage from Major League. Cam »

Minnesota 19-20 Preview

Time flies—this will be Richard Pitino's 7th season as the head coach of Minnesota, and I'm legitimately shocked that his seat is apparently ice cold. One Tournament berth every four years or so, that's enough? The Gophers have one NCAA Tournament win in his 6 seasons, last year's cathartic »

Michigan State 19-20 Preview

As ruts go, this is a pretty good rut. Since the 2007-08 season (12 seasons), Michigan State has finished in the top three of the Big Ten nine times. The three times the Spartans missed the cut, they finished 4th, 4th, and a disastrous 5th (quelle horreur). Over that same »

Michigan 19-20 Preview

There's an argument that John Beilein is the greatest head coach in Michigan basketball history. Bill Frieder has a claim (.703 winning percentage in the Big Ten over his final 6 seasons), Steve Fisher (.600 and a national championship) would be at the table if not for the Ed Martin »

Maryland 19-20 Season Preview

The knock on Turgeon in recent years has been that the whole of his team has been worse than the sum of its parts. I don't know if that's entirely fair—his preseason Kenpom rankings are usually spot-on the end of the year ranking, but when there has been a »