Northwestern boxes the Kangaroos

Last night, fresh off of final exams, Northwestern defeated Missouri-Kansas City by a score of 77-62. The Wildcats excelled offensively, posting an efficiency of 123.3 on the lethal pairing of accurate shooting (53% on twos, 42% on threes) and very few turnovers (a sparkling 11.2 TO%). UMKC doesn't play good defense, but an efficiency that high is always impressive, regardless of opponent.

Defensively, Northwestern could have been better - they didn't force many turnovers (just a 16.0 TO%) but did keep UMKC off the glass and the foul line. This now makes back-to-back games in which the Wildcats didn't force many turnovers, although nobody will complain when both games have been easy Northwestern wins. UMKC's efficiency 0f 99.3 was slightly better than their adjusted offensive efficiency coming into the game, meaning Northwestern's defense was pretty mediocre last night - perhaps all that cramming took its toll.

Forwards Kevin Coble and John Shurna continued their excellent play, combining for 44 points (on 28 shots), 16 rebounds, 4 assists, and 5 blocks. PG Michael Thompson also had a great game, scoring 17 on just 9 shots to go along with 6 assists to only one turnover. Box score.

There are no Big Ten teams in action tonight as final exams continue. The next games are Wednesday night, when a better-than-you-might-expect Jacksonville team (77th in Pomeroy ratings) visits Ohio State, and Michigan State takes on an awful squad from The Citadel. For now, rest well, and dream of large women.