Mini Non-Conference Preview: Wisconsin

We'll have the remainder of Wisconsin's non-conference preview up tomorrow, but I just wanted to get the UConn preview up before the game tonight.

Overview: UConn went 24-8 last season, but was summarily dumped by San Diego in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. The Badgers ruined any chance the Huskies had at getting some revenge when they defeated the Toreros last night, so maybe UConn will try to get some revenge on the Badgers for that. The Huskies return 77% of the minutes from last season, not including Stanley Robinson, whose status is still up in the air (though he says he'll be back in December).
What to look for: A dead zone inside the arc. Connecticut was the 2nd-best team in the country in terms of two point defense last year, holding opponents to 40.4% shooting inside the arc. The primary reason for that stands 7-3 and goes by Hasheem. With the inside basically off limits tonight, the Badgers need good shooting from the outside to stay with the Huskies.
Who to watch: On offense A. J. Price runs the show. He's probably a better PG than a shooter, but he does take a lot of shots and his eFG was above 50.0 last season, even if just slightly. Jeff Adrien provides some inside scoring, and top 15 RSCI recruit Kemba Walker should see a lot of time as well.
Expect the unexpected: Even though they were so tall, the Huskies were not a great defensive rebounding team last year. Unless Wisconsin is lighting the nets on fire, the Badgers will need to crash the offensive glass to pick up the misses. If they can rebound close to 40% of the available rebounds on that end of the floor tonight, they have a good chance at springing the upset. Six teams hit a 40% OReb% against UConn last year. In three of those games, the opponent shot a sub-45.0 eFG - UConn won all three games. In the remaining three games, UConn was 1-2, and that victory was a one point win against South Florida.
Chance of a Wisconsin victory: 35%