Home Cookin'

The Izzone. Orange Krush. The Paint Crew. The Grateful Red. Life on the road is tough in the Big 10. Home teams were 61-38 last season in the Big Ten. That's a 61.6% winning percentage. That sounds like a significant advantage, but is it? Let's see where the Big Ten stacks up against the other BCS conferences.

Big 12: 67.7%
SEC: 66.7%
Big East: 62.5%
**Big Ten: 61.6% **
ACC: 60.4%
Pac-10: 53.3%

Hmm...not all that impressive. How about 06-07 and 05-06?

SEC: 75%
**Big Ten: 70.4% **
Big East: 65.6%
ACC: 65.6%
Big 12: 65.6%
Pac 10: 61.1%

**Big Ten: 70.4%
**Big 12: 66.7%
Big East: 63.3%
ACC: 62.5%
SEC: 60.4%
Pac 10: 56.7%

Let's add it all up:

SEC: 67.4%
**Big Ten: 67.2%
**Big 12: 66.7%
Big East: 63.8%
ACC: 62.8%
Pac 10: 57.0%

And because we love charting here...

The SEC, Big Ten, and Big 12 are in a class of their own. The Big East and the ACC show a moderate advantage, and one wonders if Pac-10 players are cognizant of whether or not they're playing in a hostile arena.

Now, it would be easy to declare this is a result of superior fans, pat ourselves on the back, and call it a day. But we'll pick this up later.