Big Ten Geeks 2: The Midwest Strikes Back

We promised we'd come back, and here we are. But you'll have to hold your collective breath just a little longer, as the first real post isn't until tomorrow. But first, let's whet that appetite of yours. In the coming days, you'll be treated to

  • Team recaps & previews
  • Our offseason research project investigating player improvement
  • A look at the top 50ish teams from all conferences
  • Josh & Mike's Back-and-Forth Preview of the Big Ten Conference SeasonTM
  • Whatever else we feel like
    That last one looks especially intriguing. Like last year, we'll be going alphabetically on the previews and recaps (sorry, Badgers). We have 187 days until the end of the season, and hopefully you'll stop by for a drink on some of those.

See you tomorrow.