Friday Facts: Battle at the Top?

I first got into figuring out "adjusted efficiency" stuff in an effort to adjust raw conference-only efficiency margins, popularized by John Gasaway in his "Tuesday Truths" column, for schedule strength. Even before the Big Ten had 14 teams, the schedule could be quite unbalanced at least »

Post-season Dreamin'

With the non-conference season nearly behind us, I thought it would be a good time to take a quick look at each Big Ten team's post-season hopes and dreams. First, here's where things stand, according to the T-Rank "TourneyCast" simulations: This is a relatively pessimistic projection, with the »

New stat: PORPAGATU!

UPDATE in 2019 UPDATED ORIGINAL POST 3/6/2017: There's an interesting offensive player stat out there called PORPAG, which is an acronym for "Points Over Replacement Per Adjusted Game." PORPAG was created by MSU fans KJ and Spartan Dan back in 2009, and the basic idea is »

Big Ten Basketball is Fine, Actually

In what is obviously some kind of mistake, I received an email today granting me permission to post on this site. So I wanted to try to get a post in before this gets corrected. As it happens, Big Ten basketball is a topic of conversation today, thanks to Mark »