Big Ten Season Preview

Josh: OK, back again. The summer flew, and yet basketball seems like such a long time ago. But here we go! Every time I write the previews, I go back and look at the computer preseason rankings and find at least a couple of surprises. The one I can't seem »

Wisconsin 18-19 Preview

Last year was expected to be a down year for the Badgers, the only question was how down. Turned out to be pretty darn down. Both of their precious streaks—the streak of "top 4" Big Ten finishes and the more-of-a-real-thing streak of 19 consecutive tourney births—were reset to »

Friday Facts: Final Weekend

Well, just another ho-hum no-news Friday in college basketball. Let's get to the Facts: Purdue, MSU, and OSU are all essentially tied at the top in both raw and adjusted efficiency margins. In fact, it's so close that Purdue leads in adjusted efficiency margin (which is simply adjusted offense minus »

Friday Facts: The plot thickens

The big result this week was Ohio State winning at Purdue. As I mentioned last week, this was the upset that needed to happen to make the Big Ten a race again: Purdue is still favored to get at least a share of the title, but Ohio State and Michigan »

Friday Facts: Did Delany See His Shadow?

It's Groundhog's Day, which means it's the one day of the year that Delany emerges from his secret lair underneath Madison Square Garden. Nothing actually happens—he just goes back into the lair to swim in his money. It's also actually the first day without Big Ten basketball since ... well, »