And Boom Goes the Dynamite

Evan Turner became the second player in Ohio State history to record a triple double in the Buckeyes' 100-60 win over Alcorn State. As Mike alluded to yesterday, it's hard to take anything away from early season games like this. That said, OSU posted an offensive efficiency (1.39) that was higher than any figure in any game they played last year. Then again, you knew the Buckeyes were probably going to be good offensively. While we're telling you things you already knew, take note that these Buckeyes can shoot (63.0 eFG last night). Turner's performance (14/17/10) is indeed praiseworthy, but how about Jon Diebler? 22 points on 10 shots (in 24 minutes) - not bad. Box score.

And if you haven't heard, there's a book out that you should buy. I can't quibble with the predictions much. In fact, I expect Gasaway's Indiana Prediction Accuracy Index to improve quite a bit this season.