What Do We Want?

I'm writing this as a sort-of rebuttal to Scott Van Pelt's excellent take on why the RPI should be retired, and why predictive models such as KenPom and Sagarin should have a larger influence on Selection Sunday. And, I should mention, I agree with those larger points so this isn't »


One of the most popular posts for any college basketball writer is the Top Freshmen article. I suspect it's because freshmen allow us to dream in ways that seniors do not. A senior is a known quantity with a short shelf life. Freshmen? They are but beginning to find their »


Under Construction

Yes, this space looks very different. Working on migrating off of Blogger. Hopefully I'll have that done by the end of the week. (Why I decided to do this now, and not, say, in July, is one example of my impeccable judgment.) Apologies. »


Can Wisconsin Win the Big Ten this week?

Of course it's early. But the reason this isn't just clickbait is because of how the Big Ten has started, and how Wisconsin's schedule lines up. First, let's take a look at the teams that can reasonably be believed to be "in the hunt." For this, we'll turn to kenpom. »


Erasure, or, how has Minnesota improved?

Hey, Josh here. The following is a new post from Joe, a new Geek. As you'll see, he's a welcome addition. Those of you who are fans of KenPom may have noticed that the B1G has thus far ranked fourth amongst all conferences in the aggregate rating. This may be »