Wednesday, November 11, 2009

But I Can't Work in Fast Food All My Life

We told you we were moving, and here's the scoop: we're going to be blogging for the this season (and hopefully, beyond). We hope this is the beginning of a great partnership. But we understand there might be concerns, so here's our best attempts to answer those:

  • Why the Change? Well, the expectation is that we'll get more readers this way. We're proud of the loyal audience that we have here, but you still have to dig a bit into the tempo-free blogosphere in order to find us. We're hoping that won't be the case once we make the move. We're also secretly hoping we can get Gene Keady to mention "turnover percentage."
  • Will the Content Change? Heavens no! As a condition for making this change, Mike & I made sure that we weren't going to be mouthpieces for a corporation, and that we could still write what we wanted to about college basketball. If Ohio State doesn't play defense this season, we're going to write about it. And Thad Matta will just have to deal.
  • What about next year? We don't know yet. I think both sides of this are feeling things out, so think of this season as a trial period. If it doesn't work out, we'll just come back here to As a sidenote, we'll keep this site up and alive in case you need anything.
  • So, what do we, the readers, get out of this? There are some things that we're hoping come to fruition as a result of this partnership. For example, we're hoping we can bring some live coverage, highlights, and maybe even get some dialogue out of the analysts. And though not related to the partnership, we have some new ideas for the season that we think you'll enjoy. We always want to be improving.
  • You guys are sellouts. We didn't sell out, we bought in. Seriously though, we genuinely appreciate all of the readers and support we've received. We honestly thought it would just be our friends, and probably not even half of them, that would read this blog. We're truly humbled by the feedback, and we want to especially thank all of those blogs (most of which appear in the sidebar) and major media outlets (thanks, Luke Winn!) that gave us a look, and a link. We won't forget it.

Starting tomorrow, you can find us here. We'll kick off with our predictions on the season. See you then.


rduff83 said...

congrats guys! big step for you

formerlyanonymous said...

Congrats guys. Make sure they get you an RSS feed set up. Won't want to miss anything

Devon Edwards said...

REEL BIG FISH REFERENCE! Love you guys, now.