Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Conference Efficiency Margins

The efficiency margin tells us numerically what the tempo-free aerial tells us graphically. It's just the difference between the offensive and defensive efficiencies of the teams. Obviously, the higher the better:

Conference Games Only:
  1. Michigan State (0.13)
  2. Wisconsin (0.08)
  3. Purdue (0.07)
  4. Illinois (0.07)
  5. Ohio State (0.02)
  6. Minnesota (0.01)
  7. Michigan (-0.02)
  8. Penn State (-0.04)
  9. Northwestern (-0.04)
  10. Iowa (-0.08)
  11. Indiana (-0.19)

1 comment:

Indiana Fan said...

Four or five more games in will make this a lot more interesting.
I'm actually surprised to see Iowa getting that close to even, and also Northwestern's doing really poorly. Not a big improvement from last year at all.
Of course, the Hoosiers are right where they should be this year, dead last.