New stat: PORPAGATU!

There's an interesting offensive player stat out there called PORPAG, which is an acronym for "Points Over Replacement Per Adjusted Game." PORPAG was created by MSU fans KJ and Spartan Dan back in 2009, and the basic idea is to estimate how many more points per game a player creates »

Illini Are Defending

I don't mean to make this a coaching carousel blog, but it's not exactly news that John Groce is on the hot seat. Pete Thamel of Sports Illustrated recently put the odds of him being canned after the season at roughly "100%". I don't think the Illini have gotten the »


Turns out, Northwestern Needs Rebounds

Remember when Northwestern actively avoided rebounds? Thankfully for Chris Collins, that's no longer the case, as the Wildcats are not running away screaming from their own missed shots. But "not terrible" is a far cry from "good," and Northwestern is not good at recovering its own misses, ranking a mediocre »


Big Ten Basketball is Fine, Actually

In what is obviously some kind of mistake, I received an email today granting me permission to post on this site. So I wanted to try to get a post in before this gets corrected. As it happens, Big Ten basketball is a topic of conversation today, thanks to Mark »

Either Die a Hero

Let's try something different today. Here are the Big Ten records for a not-so-random collection of coaches over a six-year span: 61-43 60-42 55-41 You would be forgiven for believing those records are all roughly the same, and that a couple of bounces here and there that accumulate over a »