The Definition of Sanity

Kierkergaard once said that “life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards," but it was Rafiki who best illustrated the concept: Coming into this season, I believed that Tim Miles was fighting for his job. He just got a new boss, one which has fired »


Friday Facts: The plot thickens

The big result this week was Ohio State winning at Purdue. As I mentioned last week, this was the upset that needed to happen to make the Big Ten a race again: Purdue is still favored to get at least a share of the title, but Ohio State and Michigan »

Friday Facts: Did Delany See His Shadow?

It's Groundhog's Day, which means it's the one day of the year that Delany emerges from his secret lair underneath Madison Square Garden. Nothing actually happens—he just goes back into the lair to swim in his money. It's also actually the first day without Big Ten basketball since ... well, »

Anatomy of an Upset

I've already gushed over Chris Holtmann and the job he's done with Ohio State. Still early into his tenure, the coach has the Buckeyes primed for a NCAA Tournament berth and potentially the conference title. Keep in mind, this was a team that did not make the NIT field last »


Friday Facts: Battle at the Top?

I first got into figuring out "adjusted efficiency" stuff in an effort to adjust raw conference-only efficiency margins, popularized by John Gasaway in his "Tuesday Truths" column, for schedule strength. Even before the Big Ten had 14 teams, the schedule could be quite unbalanced at least »